Favorites Friday 1.19.18

It’s my favorite day of the week and another installment of Favorites Friday.

I am all about skincare lately. I have been battling some pretty intense postpartum eczema and recently had a breakout that rivals my high school days. Granted, Daniel and I have drastically altered our diet and I am still breastfeeding, but I digress.

In stark contrast, our lovely little has always had the most beautiful glowing skin. From the first pediatrician appointment, every doctor has complimented how wonderfully healthy Thalia’s skin is. We have been told how lucky we were to have a baby with such perfect skin, because skin problems plague so many little ones in the early months.

Although, I would love to take all of the credit for creating a literal flawless angel, I definitely had a secret weapon.

During the hazy Netflix and macaroni & cheese binge my OB called “bedrest”, I spent a lot of time researching the best baby products. I read product reviews on amazon, I watched youtube videos and even searched tags on twitter (to reiterate, I had a lot of time on my hands). Skin products were the most thoroughly researched. The one thing that makes it incredibly difficult when shopping for skincare online is that you can’t smell the product. Smells sell, people. I just could not commit myself to smelling imitation lavender during my babe’s tubby-time for the next 4 years. No thanks.

We went to Buy Buy Baby. I went into the soap & lotion aisle. I turned on that pregnancy super smell and went to TOWN. I picked up every bottle of the highly researched lotions and soaps from the list I had complied. I lined up the five bottles on the shelf and did the final test. The first two, not great. The third was bliss in a bottle. Noodle & Boo Super Soft Lotion: You guys, it smells like what puppy snuggles and baby giggles feel like.

The best part of this, every product they make smells wonderful and has been FANTASTIC for Thalia’s skin. It is a higher end product, but it also contains higher quality ingredients. We have used everything from the Newborn Wash to the Bouncing Bubbles Bath Soap and of course the Super Soft lotion. We cannot get enough of it.

Of course, this is an unpaid blog post. Hell, I didn’t even receive product. I just love Noodle & Boo.

You can find Noodle & Boo products at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon and put it in your cart now, girl. There are some really fun and wonderful things to get baby for them to enjoy, but a nice smelling super gentle moisturizing lotion and bath time soap for your little is good for their body and your soul. Treat yoself.

Have a lovely weekend, ya animals.

I will see you Monday for some Mommy Stuff.

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