Favorites Friday 1.5.18

It’s Favorites Friday! Today, we are going to talk about my favorite Mom tool, Coffee.

Pre-Mom life, I rocked a Keurig in the kitchen and it was okay. I brewed mediocre coffee. I would add a little warmed up milk from the microwave to it and get through the day. Then, I started Momming. The morning fog during the great teething sleep strike of 6 months required HEAVY ARTILLERY. The coffee was weak. My will was weak. I found myself 2 cups in at 9am. Coffee is not just a delicious morning ritual, it is my Mom survival tool.Β I got on Amazon, ordered my Moka Pot.

A Moka Pot is a little italian coffee/espresso maker, usually eight-sided, that brews through pressurized steam.

Yes, I am the mother of an infant and I take the time to brew my espresso on a stove top every morning. It’s fussy, super inconvenient, requires me to wash things (ew), but the pay off is unbelievable.

I take the time to carefully heat my butter & MCT oil (Yes, I am Keto-ing) and I froth them together while the coffee brews.

After my Moka Pot sings its’ beautiful gurgling song, I remove it from the heat. I grab my cup, pour approx. 2 shots of espresso into my cup and pour over my lovely fatty froth. (Or you could totes use milk & sugar).

If I am going to take a moment for myself each day, this will be the moment I take: preparing a quality cup of coffee.

I encourage other mommies to venture out of your Keurig rut and try something new to shake up your mornings. Have you tried a Moka Pot? Do you have any amazing coffee tips? I am ready for any and all suggestions!




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