Mommy Monday 1.15.18

No Stress Baby Beach Tips

Our little family spends a LOT of time at the beach. We are very fortunate that my parents decided to retire seaside. My little girl gets a good dose of vitamin sea every time she visits Grandma & Grandpa.

I know bringing an infant to the beach seems like a daunting task. Babies already require so much gear, but now you have to worry about protecting them from the sun and sand? No thanks, not even worth the tan. It makes a day at the beach seem like cruel and unusual punishment. Fortunately, you can avoid the mistakes that Daniel & I initially made and skip to the lovely list that I have compiled to help you enjoy your beach vacation with little one in tow.

1. Sun Protection

Of course this is first on the list. I almost feel angry at myself for adding it because I know you probably clicked on this post with high hopes and you found this basic ass “baby beach must have”, but here we are.

It’s common knowledge, my friends. Cover those babies up. Get a great sunhat with a wide brim and additional SPF. If your little one is younger than six months, consult your pediatrician about the use of sunblock, but generally speaking, mineral based sunblock is very safe on infants older than 2 months.

2. Cute Suits

I love Thalia’s little tummy.I could only wait 2 months before I got her into a bikini because I was dying and could not stand it and had to show her off. #mombrag

Cute suits make my heart pitter patter and they make the beach so much more fun. As a suggestion, let your littles wear their cutest suit, but layer them with a rash guard with additional SPF. This will save you some life and sunscreen. Putting sunscreen all over a belly, chest and back of a squirmy baby is no fun. I know that rash guards aren’t the most adorable option, but they will give you piece of mind and protect your child from the harsh sun. Keep in mind, you can still sneak some cute videos for your insta-story in their beach best and throw the rash guard on them when its time to play.

3. Baby Cabana

#Momhack time. When Thalia was super young, we would bring our heavy duty stroller to the beach and park her in the sand with the large SPF shade and let her snooze comfortably in the buggy. Around 6 months, homegirl became crazy active and alert, a covered stroller was not cutting it. She wanted to live it UP when we went to the beach and so we created the ‘Baby Cabana’.

We take a standard crib sheet and cover the top of the play pen. BOOM. Now, you have a safe, shady spot where your munchkin can watch the waves and play with their toys. This is also super helpful if your little one tries to snack on the sand, Thalia is a super adventurous eater.

A clip on battery operated fan is always an awesome idea if baby prefers the stroller. We have used it on the stroller everywhere from Disney World, an outdoor outlet mall or fair, and the beach.Don’t worry, the clip on fans you find at baby super stores have blades that are usually made of foam and in no way dangerous to little fingers.


We can all agree that the beach is beautiful and serene, but sand is THE WORST. I will find it in my hair, all over my floor and in my couch cushions days later. Probably the most useful hack I have ever found on Pinterest was the Baby Powder/ Sand trick.

Go out, get yourself a little bottle of baby powder and put that sucker in your beach bag.

When it’s time to get back into the car or leave the beach for the day, sprinkle some baby powder on you and your loved ones, then rub, rub, rub it off.


5. Frozen Water Bottle

Babies love plastic water bottles. I don’t know if it’s the sound of the crinkly plastic or the mesmerizing water inside, but it’s a fact people.

A great trick we have used to keep a teething, hot baby happy is a frozen plastic water bottle. Thalia would gnaw on the bottom, roll the bottle around on a towel and after she was 9 months old, take little sips from the bottle when the water began to melt. It’s just a solid weapon to have in your arsenal and it can be super helpful on a hot day at the beach.

Do you have any tips for beaching it with a baby? Any moms out there with tips how to beach it with a toddler? We are only a couple months away from the big day! I’m going to need all the help I can get!

Make sure to catch our vlog everyday if you want to stalk my life – if not, I’ll see ya’ll Wednesday so you can see what I ate.



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