What I Ate Wednesday 1.3.18

Keto is HARD, you guys. ESPECIALLY, while breastfeeding. I get CRAY hungry.

Today, we were fortunate enough to have enough protein and fats to make a couple yummy meals, but I did still feel hungry. I have been told it takes a couple weeks and we are in it for the long haul. Maybe next week I can report back with some good news πŸ™‚


Scrambled Eggs

Yes, that is all I had. While feeding the baby, I didn’t really have time to find something else to nosh on and my coffee maker was in the back of a UPS truck on the way to my doorstep. Thankfully, tomorrow I can add in my delish bulletproof coffee to help keep me going!


Fajita Chicken Salad & Homemade Lime Vinaigrette

This was UHMAZING. I seasoned some frozen chicken breast, opened a bag of Romaine added some sautΓ©ed red, yellow and green peppers and made a quick lime dressing to hit it with some added. Oh, and you KNOW I needed the cheese today. 10/10 Would eat again


Omaha Filets & Roasted Green Beans with Butter, Shallot & Garlic

This felt decadent and tasted delish, but wasn’t super satisfying. Filets are so small and although the green beans were awesome, I still felt like I didn’t have enough. Right after I put Thalia to bed I found myself eyeing the fridge looking for a snack.

Bedtime Snack:

Keto Peanut Butter Fat bomb

I totally needed it after today. We will be searching Pinterest for more recipes. Daniel & I have a sweet tooth and the fat bomb made it a little easier to close down the kitchen for the night.

Sorry I didn’t have pictures for ALL of the things I ate today. I’ll make sure I do a better job of documenting my food and water intake next week.

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See ya’ll on Friday!

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