about me

I’m Olivia. I met the love of my life, Daniel and life began.

We got married at the most magical place on earth and we immediately began our happily ever after. We soon found out we were expecting a baby girl. 

I turned to the internet to brush up on ‘momming’. I followed mommy bloggers and binged mommy vloggers to learn what I could from my 21st century parental peers.

I was inundated with perfect images of blogger mamas and instaperfect families and figured that’s how motherhood would be: cute selfies and cuddles with cups of coffee and top knots. 

I gave birth to our  baby girl, Thalia, in March 2017. 

I quickly learned that motherhood did include: cute selfies, cuddles, coffee and top knots, but it also included BIG emotions: stress, guilt, panic and a bunch of other scary words. 

But, I don’t fault those instaperfect, blogging/vlogging mamas that make everything look beautiful, clean and polished. 

I also love creating and the liberal application of imagination.

There has to be a middle ground between polished pinterest mamas and peeing with a baby on your lap. 

The goal of this blog is to find that. 

This blog isn’t going to be a parade of perfection, but a real world attempt at making pretty little things and being festive AF. I will share what I have learned through my motherhood experiences and hope that the right mama will find this blog when she needs it.