two year old girl birthday gift guide

I had WAY too much fun shopping for Thalia’s birthday this year. Last year, I was at a total loss for what to get. This year was so much easier. My little baby has turned into an expressive and assertive toddler. I definitely know what she wants and that is just as #toddler as sounds.

I tried to get a good mix of “educational” toys, clothing and gifts with personality. Thalia is SUPER into babies. She begs to hold every single baby she sees in public. She also enjoys nurturing Daniel and I. She tries to put us down for “sleepy” and makes us “cozy”. She’s the cutest. She has a brand new baby doll from Christmas, so I mixed it up and picked up an interactive baby book for her birthday. Thalia also loves to smell things: candles, flowers, food. (YUP- it’s just as hilarious as it sounds) So, I found some plush toys that smell like baked goods. She scored a super cute rainbow purse from Anthropologie and some new spring clothes from H&M. The “big gift” is an indoor/outdoor slide. She likes to take the top of our ottoman off and lean it against the base to create her own “slide”, so I’m glad we finally sprung for an architecturally sound slide for her.

I did all of my shopping online this year which saved us from any spoiled surprises. Prime is the real MVP, but I also picked up a couple gems from some other places and I added links below. I can’t wait to wrap these bad boys up and finish some more crafts for the big day – a little less than 2 weeks to go.

Check back before her party to see what else we have planned!

L I N K S :

pink with white hearts patterned jersey dress:

little tikes first slide:

flavored unicorn lip balm:

mini melissa slingback popsicle sandals:

snuggle the baby book:

fruit charms stretch bracelets:

rainbow purse:

yellow ice cream applique t-shirt:

green checked dress:

rainbow abacus:

printed black and white dotted leggings:

huggable super sniffer chocolate chip cookie scented plush:

whiffer sniffer cupcake backpack clip:

sorting cupcakes: