Mommy Monday 1.1.18

Yes, it’s been 9 months since I have updated my blog. Life happened. We moved, we bought a house, we survived and now I’m back in it to win it on the blog.

Because this is my first official Mommy Monday, I figured the best place to start would be to update everyone on our little girl.

Our 9 month old (almost 10 month old) is a fantastic eater and definitely gets enough breastmilk (if these nipples could talk…jk they would scream). Thalia is in the 90th percentile for weight, height and head circumference. I have always fed on demand and naturally, Thalia dropped all of her night feeds after we moved her into her own room for bedtime.

We introduced purees at 6 months and we have been less than inspired in our attempt to introduce semi solid foods. Every time we attempted to give Thalia something other than a puree, she would gag and it would send me into a cold sweat, move me to the edge of my seat where I would find myself reciting the technical steps of the infant Heimlich in my head.

We visited the pediatrician 3 weeks ago and got a little nudge from the Doc to try finger foods and table food again. Daniel and I have now totally transitioned Thalia to table food (big girl food) and supplement occasionally with purees when we are traveling or when she seems like she is craving a snack (She is my child, homie is going to want snacks.)

Her Current Menu looks a little like this:


1/4 cup of Beechnut Organic Infant Oatmeal fortified with goat’s milk/unsweetened almond milk (depending what is on hand)

One serving of Stonyfield Organic baby yogurt with DHA in Blueberry or Apple

Occasionally, 1 scrambled egg (most of this ends up on the floor)



Protein varies between the following:

Chicken Meatballs/Scrambled Egg/Finely Chopped Chicken Breast/Tuna/Salmon

We add two servings of Veg from the following:

Cubed Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Green Beans, Broccoli or Cauliflower

Our diet has drastically changed as of today (New Year Resolution..) Hopefully she will be eating more adventurous table food in month 10!