Favorites Friday 1.12.18

As you may or may not know, Thalia and I are working on 11 months strong of exclusive breastfeeding. It has been to this day, one of my greatest accomplishments.
Just like many other breastfeeding stories, the beginning was not so easy for Thalia and I. We dealt with clusterfeeding, cracked nipples, latch issues, but we weathered it all and went on this awesome journey together.
In the early days, I remember one of my main fears was nursing in public. Mainly, my questions surfaced about the “logistics”. How do I comfortably and discreetly cover myself and the baby while nursing? Will the baby get too hot under a blanket? Will I be able to use both hands to “situate” myself?
I would fumble with nursing scarves that had awkward buttons. I tried to drape muslin swaddle blankets around my shoulders. I could never find the right solution.
Thankfully, we got an amazing product that CHANGED THE GAME!
I found The Copper Pearl Nursing Cover while wandering into a baby boutique while on vacation.
Why do you need it:
1) It’s super soft
I am IN LOVE with the feel of the fabric, soft, stretchy, breathable. It’s like wearing yoga pants around your shoulders. Yes, it’s that amazing.
2) There are so many adorable patterns
I love that they carry gender neutral patterns that are fashionable enough for mommy to wear them with her Day to day wardrobe, but cute enough to make it a special accessory to make a statement.
3) It’s a multitaskerΒ 
Girl, this thing tents over your ta-tas for nursing, covers the car seat of a napping baby and slips over a highchair or shopping cart.
I have also used it as a stroller blanket and burp cloth.
If you plan on breastfeeding, heck even if you aren’t, this product ROCKS and totally worthy of a Favorite Friday!
Visit Copper Pearl’s website to see more of their amazingly cute gear!
I hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend!
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What I Ate Wednesday 1.10.18

We are one week into Keto and I’m happy to report: it ain’t so bad.


Bulletproof Coffee

It’s simple, it keeps me going and it’s totally satisfying.



I find that I am especially thirsty while on Keto, I try to fill my Yeti Cup up at least twice before lunch time. It’s not so bad because my little girl finds the Yeti hilarious for some reason. All mommies know, giggles are the greatest motivator.


50/50 Blend Greens + Chicken + Mozzarella + Homemade Bacon Vinaigrette

Bacon, glorious bacon.

It’s a weekly staple for Daniel & I right now. I have to say, I’m not mad about it.

Quite honestly, without it, I would be choking down chicken salad with some basic store bought carb free vinaigrette. This salad BEGGED me to put bacon on her and I was much obliged.

Yeah, we finished the WHOLE BOWL.

The worst cravings I experience are in the afternoon stretch before dinner. This is when Thalia is usually taking her nap and I have idle hands. I was able to control myself and focus on dinner prep. Good thing I didn’t snack today, because dinner got a little gluttonous.


No Crust Pizza Cassarole

I hate using the word “cassarole” to describe it, this dish feels too elegant for that word, but it did totally carry the comfort that “cassarole” exudes, so I’ll let it fly.

I started prep about an hour before I planned on cooking because our little one had one 30 minute nap all day and I had a feeling we were going to be IN for it around 5/6pm (and I was right).

This dish is super simple, but it takes a little time. It is composed of three layers.

1. Ricotta, parmesan, herb and garlic layer

2. Mushroom, Shallot, and red bell pepper layer

3. Fresh basil marinara, mozzarella, and crispy pepperoni

The crispy pepperoni sets this thing OFF. I simply sliced up some generic brand pepperoni, stuck it on a pan on medium heat and waited for the beautiful sizzle.

Baby girl joined us for a little pasta with Mommy’s marinara sauce. We did let her sneak a taste of the un-pizza.

Sauce stains are not my friend, so we let the “no shoes, no shirt” policy slide this time.

We are really getting a hang of this Keto thing and sometimes I forget that we are “dieting”. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next week.

If anyone has any awesome Keto recipes or tips for us we would LOVE to hear them!

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See you all Friday!