06 Oct 2020

Magic at Home | October 2020

This is my first post in a new monthly series called “Magic at Home”.

Today, I am sharing how we make our movie nights magical & my favorite purchases this month. 

Magical Movie Night: 

About six months ago, we were in the thick of it with a four month old in a sleep regression and an energetic toddler in quarantine. It was interesting. Out of desperation to “shake things up”- I suggested a playroom picnic. 

I don’t know why, but eating a meal away from our kitchen or dining table must have sounded like an incredibly adventurous experience. (We typically don’t have food anywhere but the table….Am I uptight or something? ?)

We have been eating on the floor for dinner once a week since that day. 

So why is it “movie night” if we are just eating on the floor. Well, the tradition has since evolved into a Friday night movie of Thalia’s choice, pizza (always) and the main event all happens on the living room floor. I stick Joe in a floor seat, cover the ottoman with a blanket and bring the pizza on a large cutting board. We chow down on plastic plates and drink water in reusable bottles. This is the absolute peak of Thalia’s week. Where’s the magic, you ask? Yes, I add mini pepperonis to turn the magic up, but the magic is the simplicity. Sitting on the floor together, eating pizza and watching a movie is how we can truly connect once a week. The ritual is something we can depend on and something we have all come to look forward to every week. ❤️

Mickey Pizza How-to:
Add mini pepperonis to a frozen pepperoni pizza & voilá ✨

Target Disney Finds:

The 65th Anniversay Disneyland merch has landed in stores and online. All of it is super cute! I love the retro look and pastel colors. I grabbed the coffee mug I for sure had to have it for my collection.

Disney Princess Shirt: Obviously needed it??


Mickey Tie Dye T-Shirt: I love this Mickey tie dye tee. Super cute with denim or leggings! 


That is all I got for you today. I’ll be back later this week with more magic! ✨ 

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