21 Oct 2020

Magic Mask Lanyard DIY

What you will need:

• Paracord

• Silicone beads

• Sewing Clips

• Scissors

• Large sewing needle (depends on your cording/bead size) 

• Lighter 

Paracord is super strong and easy to care for: wash with arm soapy water and lay flat to dry.
I found these sewing clips on amazon! I love the variety of colors and they are the perfect size for mask clips.

Pro Tip: this is a great craft to do while watching your favorite reality TV shows that nobody else wants to watch with you ?
I love love love the silicone Mickey head beads ❤️


  1. Cut cord to desired length, slide paracord through sewing clip and knot. Cut excess cord and use lighter to lightly burn the end to prevent fraying. 
  2. Tie a knot the desired length away from the sewing clip and start beading. (I made a knot approx. 6 inches from the sewing clip so the beads would rest comfortably on my neck) 
  3. Tie another knot after the beads to prevent sliding.
  4. Finally, slide the other end of the cording through the back of the sewing clip, knot, cut and burn the end. 

Ta-da ✨ 

I have gotten a little crafty lately, which is always interesting. ? (trust me, I’m no Pinterest mom)

I have made these magic mask lanyards for some friends/neighbors and my own family. I made these for our family for our upcoming Disney world trip, but these would be perfect for a child or teacher that is required to wear a mask during the school day or anyone who requires constant mask wearing for work. 

Feel free to use any type of beads, cording, clips and get creative! 

I love the silicone teething beads because my youngest (he is almost 1 ?) LOVES teething on my necklaces, bracelets, etc. This mask chain keeps my mask conveniently around my neck while I am not wearing it, but also is a great distraction for Joey while I am carrying him. Instead of tearing off my mask, he chews on the silicone beads. 

Let me know if you make one! ?

Posted on October 21, in Disney